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In this series of blogs, we’ve discussed some great ways for nonprofit organizations to increase donor retention, and, in turn, improve their bottom line. Asking for money requires more than a simple question, it requires finesse, experience and relationship management. We’ve already covered how your clients can relate to the donors, now we’re going to provide some ways they can show their appreciation for their contributions. Most importantly, ensure your clients are protected with a Nonprofit Insurance Program.

Website shout out.

The holidays are a time for giving, and putting donors front and center on the website can increase donations and show appreciation simultaneously. Feature their business, if applicable, on the home page and thank them for the contributions and indicate the impact they’ve made on the organization. Others will see this and also understand how much donors are appreciated, sparking more interest in the nonprofit, as well.

Send a welcome package.

A welcome package is an effective way to educate new donors on your organization. The surest way to tell your donors you care is to thank them—which means mailing a welcome package no later than two weeks after they donate for the first time. Typically, a welcome package goes beyond just a thank you letter, and may include items such as photographs, surveys, even a small gift such as a bookmark. The package should not rattle off a series of facts and figures about your organization, but rather show the difference your organization has made. Tell a story about who you served and the impact made, suggests Classy.

Create a video.

What better way for your clients to show their appreciation than to create a video of all of their accomplishments and how they have bettered the community. It should be under 5 minutes and give shout outs to all of the major contributors, give a genuine thank you, and explain how the nonprofit has utilized the money received.

Host an event.

The holidays are a great time to throw events and parties. Rather than ask for money at these events, however, take the time to educate guests about the organization’s mission to spark their interest. Appeal to their emotions or their sense of community in order to achieve this.

Hone in the focus.

Some attendees at your events may have deeper pockets, be long-term donors, or may be people you are cultivating for an immediate gift. Take a look at the guest list and split your list, making note of these attendees as the most important guests. Make a plan for them; know who is coming, why they are coming and how you might move your relationship forward at the end, states the article.

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