Tips for Boosting Fundraising

Fundraising is an art in the nonprofit sector. As many organizations rely on these generous donations to maintain their everyday operations, acquiring them on a consistent basis can mean the difference between thriving and failing. With that said, there are some helpful fundraising strategies to share with your clients in order to boost donations. More importantly, however, is  ensuring they are adequately protected against a broad scope of risks with a comprehensive Nonprofit and Social Services Insurance Package.

Don’t procrastinate.

As the saying goes, “timing is everything.” Rather than wait for people to mull over the idea of giving money to your clients’ organizations, don’t let them procrastinate. Alejandro Moreno, a financial analyst and fundraiser told, “We never want people to procrastinate. We don’t want people to hit goals; we want them to exceed them. Email people the minute you start…once you’re in training, you will lose a lot of free time and energy.”

Ask for the money.

While this may seem both obvious and taboo, there are a lot of inhibitions when it comes to asking for money. Once your clients can mentally get over this hurdle, their efforts for fundraising are bound to be more successful. Take pride in the organization and stand behind its mission to motivate others to be a part of the journey.

Compel the audience.

Have your clients explain their message and discuss why it deserves the attention and donations of others. Explain how their money will be put to good use. Especially if the organization seeks to remedy an issue that affects thousands or even millions of people, express the urgency of fundraising and how it will better the community.

At Domenick & Associates, we have a unique understanding of the nonprofit sector and how to properly secure your clients’ operation. From personal and advertising protection to volunteer coverage, we offer a range of products that are necessary for their success and longevity. For more information about our products, contact our experts today at (855) 745-3636.

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