Tech Recruiting Strategies: Employee Referrals

In our last post, we discussed some of the best ways for your clients to recruit top tech talent. When looking for quality candidates, sometimes the answer is right in front of their noses – their existing employees. In this article, we’ll explore ways for your IT clients to motivate and encourage their employees to refer their friends, all while benefiting their business. In addition to spreading the word, secure their operation with a IT EPLI policy.

Educate employees and hiring managers.

Employee referral programs are only beneficial if everyone is aware of them. Not only do employee referral programs minimize wasted time and costs to hire, people tend to trust referrals given to them from friends and loved ones. In fact, Hiring Insights indicates:

  • 88 percent of employer’s rate employee referrals above all other sources for quality hires.
  • 70 percent of referred employees have not changed positions since being hired, demonstrating that employers can expect to not have to backfill these roles at the same rate as others.
  • Two-thirds of referred employees have referred at least one person for a job at their company.

Market the opportunities.

When a position becomes available, your clients should get in touch with their marketing departments to spread the word. It’s even more useful if existing employees share the news on their social media pages in conjunction with notifying the rest of the team. If your clients have great employees, chances are, those people know of other qualified people.

Reward employees for participation.

According to iCims, employees likely won’t make referrals by their own initiative just based on the jobs that appear on your career or social networking sites. Participating in the referral process needs to be intuitive and simple for them. Branded employee referral portals provide an easy, direct, and quick way for current employees to submit qualified candidates they already know are great. Incentive programs can include anything from PTO days or cash bonuses to employee-wide recognition.

There’s not just one right way to implement employee referral programs, but the most important factor to remember is ensuring the incentive is direct and immediate.


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