Tech Recruiting Strategies: Challenging the Candidate

In this series of posts, we’ve discussed some great ways to go about recruiting and hiring top tech talent. While employee referrals are ideal to get the ball rolling, interviewing and challenging the candidate is a different story. This time, we’re going to divulge some tips to share with your clients regarding the interview process and ensuring they choose the right fit for the team and the job at hand. Most importantly , secure their operation with a IT EPLI policy.

Tailor the challenge to fit their role.

If your clients want to get a feel for the candidate’s strengths, they need to tailor the challenge to suit the role they are interviewing for. A generic question won’t serve either party, so be sure that your clients collaborate to create a beneficial challenge.

For example, according to Medium, Lever, a tech startup that builds popular recruiting software used by Netflix, Reddit, Yelp, and Lyft, describes mock code reviews as a key part of its own interview process for software engineers. Lever engineer Zach Millman writes, “Problem-solving and getting things done are important, but ideally we’d also hire engineers who are great at API design, naming, testing, maintenance, scaling, extensibility, etc. — all of those unglamorous things that actually make software projects successful and sustainable”. Mock code reviews are designed to get at these values, and they assess a candidate’s communication skills and prioritization.

Set the standard for hiring.

Let the candidate know how the hiring process will resume. From real world experience to academics and even their performance on their challenge, the metrics for hiring need to be established and fair.


These challenges can be enlightening, but they must be consistent. Every candidate should receive the same test, be asked the same questions, and should be graded in the same way.

It’s also useful for existing employees in the same field to take the test to measure its efficiency. Afterward, it will be obvious which portions or challenges were beneficial and which were irrelevant for the candidates.


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