Sitting and Workers’ Compensation: A Rising Issue

While many people don’t automatically associate IT firms and other offices with detrimental safety risks, these professionals are subjected to many injuries in their everyday duties. In fact, a recent report indicates that overexertion tops the list of the nearly $62 billion in direct workers’ comp spent in the U.S. Therefore, businesses of all types, even those who aren’t considered high-risk, need to pinpoint where their IT Workers’ Compensation Insurance claims stem from in order to mitigate the issue and protect their bottom line.

The truth of the matter is that most employees who are sitting at a desk all day are suffering from some sort of neck, back or wrist injury. Musculoskeletal strains are the number one and fastest growing class of workers’ comp injuries and they are very underreported, states Risk & Insurance.

For these types of injuries, identifying the source and analyzing the patterns can be time consuming and expensive. Even after proper treatment is administered, repeating the same motions will likely cause the issue to flare up again in the future. As they take years to develop, they also take years to treat properly. In turn, these costs can easily add up and continue on for extended periods of time, leading to excessive workers’ compensation claim payouts.

Educating their employees about these risks is a great way to reduce these injuries. Your clients should encourage them to take breaks, stretch their limbs, and walk around every few hours to keep the blood flow going. Next, teach them about proper posture for sitting and typing. Next, provide quality office chairs. While it might be an expensive one-time purchase, these will significantly improve the comfort of your clients’ employees as they work and simultaneously prevent the development of costly workers’ compensation injuries.

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