Rebranding a Nonprofit Doesn’t Have to be a Challenge

As 2018 gets underway, your clients might be pondering whether now is the time to rebrand their organization. Branding is so important when it comes to donor acquisition and retention, which is why the strategy needs to be solid and consistent.

If your clients lack strong branding or want to revamp it, share this information with them to better their business. More importantly, review their Nonprofit Insurance Program to ensure comprehensive coverage.

Think it through.

Rebranding alters the way the business is perceived and how it does business. According to Nonprofit Hub, before anything else, take time to think through your decision. There are plenty of questions you can ask that can help your organization determine if it’s time for a rebrand. These are just a few to get you started:

  • Do we need a new opportunity to stand out?
  • Is our donor retention rate changing?
  • Does our organization’s vision need an update?

Once these questions are answered, your clients can determine if rebranding is the correct solution to their changing needs. While it might take some time, money and effort, it’s an investment in their organization.

Define key messages.

Key messages play the combined roles of an organization’s mission statement and its logo. These key messages play a central role in laying out the facts and goals that are a part of a nonprofit’s strategy and positioning, as well as conveying a brand’s story and its personality.

Make sure to pay attention to the things your audience values when creating key messages. Your audience might be the reason you’re considering a rebrand, so make sure to weigh their opinions, too.

Strike a good balance—establish messages that your audience can identify with, but also stick to what’s most important to your organization’s core, says the article.

Create a branding strategy.

Your clients should be advised to use a branding guide to ensure consistency on all platforms, including their website and social media. Consistency is key to branding, including voice, attitude, logos, and personality.

A brand guide will help all members of the organization to stay informed and on board with communicating the new strategy.

Be thoughtful.

Rebranding means developing a logo and mission statement that is true to the organization. Your clients should hire a professional to develop a thoughtful logo that embodies their nonprofit. Be sure it helps to tell the story about themselves and represents their values.

Make it collaborative.

Employees are the reason the nonprofit functions in the first place, so be sure your clients ask for their feedback and opinions. Rebranding should be a team effort and one that is a collaborative process. Not only will this ensure everyone is on board, it will give the employees a sense of pride.

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