Protecting IT Firms from Cyber Breaches

Whether your clients want to face the harsh reality or not, the truth is, cyber-breaches are becoming one of the biggest threats to their IT firms. The wealth of data and confidential information that these businesses posses makes them ideal targets for hackers. Therefore, taking proactive steps to minimize their liability and securing their operations with a custom-tailored IT Cyber Liability Insurance policy is a must.

Secure the data.

The single best thing your clients can do, aside from attaining the right insurance policy, is to secure their confidential data with passwords. This consists of implementing two different password approaches- the first is using strongly designed passwords featuring certain types of characters and a minimum length. The second protective password practice is to enable two-factor authentication. Usually, this is done by submitting a code sent to the authorized user’s e-mail or mobile phone, explains Legal Futures.

Make data useless to hackers.

All information sent via the internet should be encrypted. This scrambles the information using one-time keys so anyone who intercept the data before it reaches the final destination will not be able to decipher the original message.

Have a cyber-attack response plan.

The devastation a cyber-attack can cause can be significant. Hire a point person to handle the clients and coordination between affected stakeholders, appoint a legal team, and evaluate exactly what information was compromised as soon as possible. The repercussions of a breach can have severe legal effects, so your clients should be advised to follow a claim right away.

Review often.

Implementing these practices is a start, but your clients need to evaluate their security at least once every three months. As hackers become more advanced, they need to ensure their security plan is still effective.

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