Protecting Against Cyber Threats in Nonprofits

Cyber issues are a concern for industries of all types- and the nonprofit sector is no exception. With the rise of breaches being showcased on the news, costing companies billions, it’s time for nonprofits to secure their networks and be proactive against these potential breaches. Therefore, in addition to providing a comprehensive and customized Nonprofit Insurance Program, share these tips with your clients to prevent the possibility of a cyber breach.

Regular software updates.

Whether your clients have an in-house IT specialist or contract the work to an outside source, ensure they are regularly updating their software. As breaches most often occur on outdated and weak software systems, these need to be regularly maintained. Plus, doing so reduces the risk of malware of viruses from running rampant on their networks.

Encrypt sensitive information and data.

Think about the issues that could occur if a personal laptop or cell phone was stolen. If there is personal identifiable information, your clients could be at risk for losing this sensitive data. Therefore, encryption is key. While it costs money to secure this information, it’s worth it to be sure they aren’t sued in the event a hacker gets ahold of it.

Provide the necessary cyber security training.

According to Nonprofit Risk, remember that human error is a major source of cyber liability exposure, an exposure you can mitigate by adopting clear policies and providing appropriate training; topics you might want to cover in your training include: BYOD policies, network security protocols, encryption instructions, relationships with tech vendors, data breach notification laws, information on the nonprofit’s cyber liability coverage, and your insurer’s requirements for filing cyber liability claims. Next, ensure employees know and understand the policies on accessing personal and confidential information on portable devices to minimize your clients’ liabilities.

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