A Nonprofit’s Checklist for Hosting a Blood Drive

Every two seconds, someone needs blood to save their life in the United States, according to the American Red Cross. Blood is essential for things like surgery and blood transfusions; these are things that save people every single day. With World Blood Donor Day coming up this June 14, what a better way to give back to the community?

Donating blood is one way to give back to the community, and hosting a blood drive is a great way for a business or nonprofit organization to give and save hundreds of lives. Check out this checklist for hosting a blood drive, courtesy of the American Red Cross.

What You (The Host) Need to Provide

A host has to provide a few things in order for the blood drive to be successful.

  • There needs to be a location, date and time. It’s important to choose a time where there will be a lot of donors able to participate in the drive. A large, open space is perfect to host a drive and give donors enough privacy at the same time.
  • The host must also provide the volunteers who will help run the show. You’re going to need a good group of people to get your project off the ground. Volunteers are needed to help recruit, schedule and support donors at the drive.
  • The host must provide donors for the drive. Scheduling appointments will help make this process go by smoothly and efficiently. It’s also key to build a strong committee that will help your drive achieve 100 percent of your goals.

As you plan your event, it’s important to also make sure that your organization and volunteers will be covered against any potential liabilities. Make sure that you have nonprofit liability insurance taken care of well before the event takes place.

What the Red Cross Provides

The Red Cross provides you with the tools needed to host a successful blood drive. They will give you planning assistance, recruitment tools, a trained staff and equipment and supplies. A Red Cross representative will work with you every step of the way to ensure smooth sailing. Red Cross also determines the amount of donors you need and how to recruit them, including online scheduling tools for your donors. A trained staff along with equipment and supplies will also be made available from the beginning to the end of the day for your drive. That way everything is sure to go by as quickly and easily as possible.

There’s around 36,000 units of red blood cells needed everyday in the US, with 21 million blood components transfused in a year (in the US) alone. And with less than 38 percent of Americans eligible to give blood, it makes it that more imperative to give back to society.

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