Nonprofits and Employee Inclusivity

Inclusivity is not just about the organizations that your clients serve. In fact, it expands to the employees and volunteers that your clients choose to hire. By being more inclusive, your clients could create a potential for their organization to tap into new donor pools, improve their program delivery, and reach out to new clients or audiences. As we explore the benefits of promoting an inclusive workplace environment, ensure your clients’ Nonprofit Liability Insurance is up to date in effect.

The Denver Foundation shares the following benefits that reflect an inclusive nonprofit organization.

  • Increased productivity and employee morale.
  • Less employee turnover.
  • Increased job satisfaction.
  • More innovation and creativity.
  • Less vulnerability to legal issues.

Share these tips with your clients for implementing an inclusive workplace.

An open and honest workplace culture.

Without open communication, discrimination and favoritism are likely to occur. Ensure that staff and volunteers have access to the right guidance, are provided with constructive feedback, and are fully accepted despite disabilities, race, gender, religion, sexual orientation,and other characteristics.

Fair and equal treatment.

Performance markers, birthday celebrations, anniversaries, and more should be recognized by all staff and volunteers. Your clients should be consistent with each of their employees and volunteers, regardless of how long they have been there, to ensure equal treatment.

Provide the necessary accommodations.

If your clients employ anyone with auditory, visual, or physical impairments, reasonable accommodations have to be made. Whether it’s speaking slowly and clearly or providing wheelchair ramps or guardrails, the employee deserves to be accommodated.

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