Domenick & Associates Specialty Insurance Programs Addressing the Workers’ Comp Exposures of Nonprofits

Workers’ Compensation insurance serves as a safety net for employees who become injured or ill on the job. Nonprofits and social services organizations – just as with any other company – must comply with state laws in meeting their Workers’ Comp obligation. What is critical for nonprofits is working with an insurance professional that can assist them in not only providing the coverage they need but also in putting cost-containment and loss prevention strategies in place to optimize workplace safety and drive down costs.

At Domenick & Associates, we can support your agency’s efforts to provide the required coverage and help your non-profit insureds get a grip on their Workers’ Comp costs. We offer the following:

  • Statutory Coverages – Guaranteed cost, large-deductibles and self-insured programs, depending on the size of the nonprofit.
  • Worksite Evaluation – We’ll provide an analysis of all worksite conditions to identify and eliminate existing or potential hazards.
  • Cost Containment Services – Include pre-incident preparedness that outlines the steps injured workers and their supervisors should take in the event of an accident for employers, management, and employees; return-to-work programs designed to accommodate injured workers, modifying jobs to meet their capabilities and returning them to productive assets as quickly as possible; and injury-handling practices including medical management and claims processes.
  • Loss Prevention – Implementation of a safety/injury/illness prevention program including safety training.

We can also assist you in examining an insured’s current policy, loss history, ex-mod factor, and payroll audits for proper classification to see where improvements can be made.