Domenick & Associates Specialty Insurance Programs Addressing the General Liability & Professional Liability Exposures of Nonprofits

Nonprofit and social services organizations contribute to the fabric of our society and the communities they serve. From cultural and performing arts events to charter schools, charities, community action agencies (CAAs), Boys & Girls Clubs, pregnancy help centers, food banks, women’s shelters, rehabilitation centers, hospice centers and senior services, and much more, nonprofits are a vibrant part of our neighborhoods. Many nonprofits depend on federal and state grants and fundraising and operate on tight budgets, so it’s important they have a partner to assist in mitigating their risks, minimizing losses, reducing costs, and optimizing their insurance program for maximum protection.

We can help you be that partner with the support of our programs, expertise, and experience in the non-profit space.

Liability Insurance Designed to Respond

Domenick & Associates specializes in providing nonprofits and social services with end-to-end insurance solutions, including for their General Liability and Professional Liability exposures. We offer a Liability insurance package that includes:

  • Premises and Operations
  • Personal and Advertising Injury
  • Professional Negligence of Social Workers, Counselors, Nurses, Psychologists, etc.
  • Sexual Misconduct/Improper Contact
  • Volunteer Liability
  • Special Events Coverage

Our Professional Liability insurance provides cover in the event a social worker, counselor, or other professional in the course of carrying out his or her services allegedly causes harm to others, resulting in a lawsuit. Taking on the burden of the expenses to defend such a lawsuit, followed by a possible judgment, could be financially jeopardizing to a nonprofit operating within budget constraints. We can also help you keep an organization protected at all times with Tail or Prior Acts coverage. Tail coverage allows an insured to report claims even after the policy has ended. Prior Acts coverage protects the organization retroactively if a past client sues after the policy is no longer in effect. This coverage accounts for incidents that took place under the prior policy.

In addition, nonprofits have a significant exposure related to allegations of sexual misconduct, particularly when working with vulnerable populations such as children, the elderly, and disabled. We address this exposure within our insurance program with coverage specifically tailored to this niche.

Holding periodic fundraising events is also critical to the success of a nonprofit as it looks to beef up its coffers to continue its work. Our Special Events coverage responds in the event of bodily injury and property damage during these functions and events. The price of this coverage usually depends on the types of events the nonprofit holds, the number of people expected to attend the event, and whether or not alcohol is being served.