Nonprofit Organizations: Crafting the Ideal Vision Statement

A vision statement can make or break your company. What’s the best way to come up the ideal vision statement that represents your nonprofit’s goal? When your organization has a good vision statement, it holds a positive impact on your employees, as well as potential customers and donors. Those who think their company holds a meaningful vision statement have overall higher engagement levels of up to 68 percent, according to Forbes. More engaged employees are ultimately more effective and productive in their jobs, according to Business News Daily. This means that it’s really important to make the best first impression possible. Whether your statement is only a few words or a paragraph long, what matters is that you’re getting your point across. Check out this list of how to make the ideal vision statement for your nonprofit organization.

A Vision Statement is Not a Mission Statement

First things first, a vision statement is not a mission statement. It’s important to know the difference between the two. While vision statements are future-based, mission statements are based in the present. Mission statements cover what your company encompasses, giving a sense of why your company exists in the first place. Vision statements are meant to inspire and give direction to the company as a whole, while a mission statement simply illustrates the purpose of the company, according to Joel Klein, business, marketing consultant and producer of BizTank. A mission statement lets those know why you are here, while a vision statement lets people know your aspirations for the future.

Who Shapes Your Vision and How it Will Be Formed

Vision statements should be the work of employees pulling together. Have your employees, board members or co-founders draft versions and come up with the best possible statement for your company. This enables you to get a wide range of opinions and positive feedback to use for your organization. A business also needs to determine where a vision statement will be placed and what role it will serve in the organization, according to Brandon Shockley, of consumer insights agency Plannerzone, Inc. A vision statement needs to be thought of as a strategic plan.

How To Write a Vision Statement

Creating the vision statement itself is the hardest part. Make sure it’s between a few sentences and no longer than a paragraph. It has to be easily understandable but more than just a catchy tagline at the same time. One thing you can do is identify key values and incorporate them into your statement.

Next, ask yourself what problems your company hopes to solve in the next few years. Ask yourself what you want to do for your target consumer base. Finally, consider setting the bar high first: it’s not impractical to dream big with your vision statement.

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