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In this series of posts, we’ve discussed some great ways for your clients to attract and retain more donors, including how to relate to donors and showing gratitude. As we move forward in the new year, we’re going to wrap up our blog series on donor retention with follow-up strategies. Remember, getting a donation from someone one time is great, but the goal is to continue reaping the rewards. In addition to sharing this information with your nonprofit organization clients, ensure their Nonprofit Insurance Program is accurate and up to date.

Follow-up with the donor immediately.

Nonprofit researcher Janna Finch, in response to a Software Advice survey, explains, “An overwhelming number of survey respondents (60 percent) wanted to receive impact and success stories to show how their contributions were put to use. Seeing how their donations were used within an organization and the resulted outcome encourages donors to give again.” Success stories serve as proof that you are an effective organization. When a donor makes that first donation, it is as if they are allowing you to audition for their support. You will only get the role if you show you can make a difference, when given the opportunity.

Think of different ways to say thank you.

This strategy is more than just saying “thanks for the donation.” Instead, you can craft a compelling thank you message that will motivate them to contribute to your cause again. The survey found the following methods were most desired by donors themselves:

  • Success stories – 60%
  • Nonprofit news – 17%
  • Upcoming events – 15%
  • Campaign goal progress – 8%

Going hand in hand with this, the best ways to share this information is via personalized letter or email. While phone calls still made the list, it’s exceedingly inconvenient for people to make all of the necessary calls to thanks donors, which is why a personalized email can do the trick.

Follow through.

To get another donation, most donors prefer you wait between 7 and 12 months before asking again. While some donors don’t want to be approached again, it doesn’t hurt to send an email within that time frame to share the nonprofit’s progress, how donors’ money has impacted the cause, and plans for the coming year.

As a final thought, nonprofits should never wait to send a thank you. Crafting a simple email ahead of time that demonstrates the efforts and thanks each donor can be saved in a template and customized before sending. This small effort goes a long way, especially if your clients are planning on asking for future donations.


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