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In our previous blog, we covered the common red flags that might indicate there’s something unlawful going on within an organization. Gathering the board of directors is a huge task that requires tact and planning, especially as they are the ones who are going to be liable for making informed, lawful and intelligent decisions on behalf of the nonprofit. As we explore how to go about hiring an executive director, share the following information with your clients and protect their entire operation front to back with a customized Nonprofit Crime Insurance program.

What are the potential challenges of hiring an Executive Director?

According to Moran Company, the following issues are common:

  • Individual Board members generally have good expertise in hiring staff. However, they may not understand all the skills needed in the nonprofit sector. The nonprofit sector is different in important ways. Some skills that are critical for nonprofit leadership are rarely seen in the for-profit world, such as the ability to fundraise, to motivate volunteers, and to effectively work with a Board of Directors.
  • Board members, as volunteers, typically lack the time to actively seek out candidates not currently in the job market. Instead, they post the position on job boards and wait for the resumes to come in. The best candidates often are not actively looking for work and therefore do not look at job boards.
  • Board members don’t dive deep into the candidate’s work history, references, and productivity.

Making it a team effort.

However, if the entire board takes the time to approve the candidates, they can ensure they are hiring a qualified director. The board can take part in vetting candidates and checking their work history and concrete examples of how they’d be fit for the position. While time is of the essence, breaking it up between each member can make it more manageable. Once the board is in agreement, they can move forward with the finalists, where each one can be introduced. Next, they can all come to an agreement, or a majority, to select their executive director.

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