Domenick & Associates Specialty Insurance Programs Workers’ Comp Insurance Solutions for IT Firms 

A recent report indicates that overexertion tops the list of the nearly $62 billion in direct workers’ comp spend in the U.S. That’s roughly $25 billion spent on claims involving lifting, pushing, pulling, holding, carrying or throwing objects. Slips and falls ranks second on the list. It’s important for companies, including those in non-high-hazard industries such as tech companies, to understand what drives overall comp costs in order to implement practices and measures to reduce claims frequency and drive down expenses.

Improving Workers’ Comp Outcomes

As part of our Workers’ Compensation solutions, Domenick & Associates not only offers program options, including self-insurance alternatives, for your IT clients, but also worksite evaluations and cost-containment services to pinpoint exposures, foster a culture of safety, help minimize losses and assist in improving injury outcomes.

In addition, many tech firms, particularly smaller ones, use staffing firms to subcontract work when they are flush with projects. This can present challenges depending on the state when it comes to Workers’ Compensation requirements, and particularly in light of recent rulings that have blurred the line of who is considered an employee. In fact, many IT companies recently have had to define who exactly is an employee and who is an independent contractor, with some firms switching employees to a W-2 status rather than using contractors in order to avoid misclassification lawsuits and fines from the Department of Labor. Our staff can review this area in more detail with you and your client’s HR personnel.

We have the Workers’ Comp markets and risk management solutions to support you whether your client is a startup or a burgeoning tech empire.