Domenick & Associates Specialty Insurance Programs Property Insurance Solutions for IT Firms

The staff at Domenick & Associates has more than 20 years specializing in insuring IT companies and understands the uniqueness of their property risks. We’ll help you get the answers needed for proper underwriting so that we secure the best policy for your insured’s risk profile. We’ll assist you in determining the breadth of a client’s Property insurance policy by analyzing the firm’s specific operation and vetting its exposures to loss.

Analyzing Property Risks for Tech Companies

Effectively managing a technology company’s Property insurance is among one of the challenges you face as an agent or broker in providing quality products and services to your clients. Repair and replacement costs can be expensive after a fire or natural catastrophe, and any disruption can have an immediate effect on their business. We’ll assist you in addressing their issues, including:

  • Whether the insured’s business assets are covered at their current or replacement value to make recommendations for improvement. In addition, we will look at the value of the insured’s equipment in determining the limits to sufficiently cover the firm if there is a failure or breakdown.
  • The effectiveness of the business continuity plan in place in the event a fire or another loss affects a firm’s centralized data center.
  • The length of time Business Interruption coverage should kick in if an insured suffers a property loss and needs to operate elsewhere while repairs are being done.
  • The insured’s reliance on overseas development centers and whether the firm would be able to complete a project on time if there were a loss to the subcontractor’s center.

Our Commercial Property policy can be designed to cover an IT firm’s assets, including the building space, contents, computer and media equipment, inventory, and supplies. We can also provide tailored Business Interruption and Extra Expense coverage to ensure that ongoing expenses are being met in the event of a property loss.