Domenick & Associates Specialty Insurance Programs General Liability & Professional Liability Insurance Solutions for IT Firms 

Information Technology (IT) firms today face a myriad of complex liability exposures that can impact their bottom line and reputation among customers, vendors and the industry at large, in addition to compromising their competiveness and future of their companies. General Liability issues abound such as bodily injury, property damage and advertising claims. Moreover, there are significant Professional Liability risks and intellectual property issues that can land a firm in court. The need for an experienced, reliable insurance partner is critical in helping to mitigate and transfer risks.

Custom IT Liability Coverages

Domenick & Associates works with agents and brokers to provide small IT businesses with General Liability and Professional Liability coverages to address their unique exposures. We insure a broad spectrum of clients that make up the IT industry, including business and consumer software developers; website designers and developers; IT integrators and consultants; and those offering managed and outsourced IT services, such as computer processing services, ASPs, E-commerce enablers, hosting service providers, computer repairers and more.

Our Liability package tailored to IT companies provides coverage for:

  • Premises and Operations
  • Personal and Advertising Injury
  • Errors and Omissions
  • Intellectual Property (trademark, patent, copyright)

Errors & Omissions (E&O) or Professional Liability insurance for IT firms provides coverage in the event a client makes accusations of professional mistakes and seeks monetary damages. For example, let’s say an IT firm caused a client’s servers to crash, which resulted in loss of valuable business over it. E&O insurance will help pay for legal costs and attorney fees to resolve the claim as well as any settlements if the IT firm were found liable. What’s important is having the right coverage to respond and determining the appropriate limits to fit the risk profile of each tech company. Our professionals can assist you with this.

Another important area of concern for tech firms is intellectual property. The cost of intellectual property litigation can be astronomical, and continues to increase each year. Coverage under a standard Commercial General Liability insurance policy is available for certain claims arising from intellectual property injuries that stem from “advertising activities.” This is particularly true for claims related to copyright, and to a lesser degree, trademark infringement. For protection outside this scope, specialized coverage is available for IT firms, particularly important for small tech companies whose intellectual property portfolio is its most valuable asset.

Domenick & Associates also provides Cyber Liability insurance that includes first-party coverage for forensics, notification costs, crisis management, business income loss, dependent business income loss and digital asset replacement expense, along with third-party coverage for liability settlements, regulatory proceedings defense costs and an option for media liability protection.