Domenick & Associates Specialty Insurance Programs Commercial Auto Insurance Solutions for IT Firms

Commercial Auto insurance is an integral component to a comprehensive technology insurance plan, protecting firms in the event of vehicular accidents and injuries when using company-owned and non-owned and hired cars. Domenick & Associates offers a broad, competitively priced Commercial Auto policy for Information Technology (IT) companies to cover the high costs of related vehicle repairs, medical expenses, or potential lawsuits.

Mapping the Road Ahead with Our Auto Policy

Our Business Auto policy will provide coverage for your insureds, including:

  • Medical expenses for injured persons involved in the auto accident
  • Damages to the property of other individuals as a result of a motor vehicle accident
  • Liability claims when the company is sued for its negligence regarding the accident
  • Physical damage to company vehicles

We provide Hired and Non-Owned Auto coverage for firms whose employees use their own vehicle to run company errands, go on client calls and so on. This coverage also applies when a firm’s employee leases a car for company business, for example, to go on a business trip. Hired and Non-Owned Automobile insurance is critical in the event of an accident, as the employee’s personal policy will not protect the tech company in event of a liability claim.

In addition, you can offer your insureds assistance in mitigating losses with our driver-training program.

Most small IT businesses aren’t financially flush enough to deal with the high cost of an auto accident — particularly when there are medical and/or legal expenses involved. Let Domenick & Associates help you secure the policy your clients should be carrying.