Holiday Fundraising Tips for Nonprofits

The holiday season is officially here- and what better time than now to promote your clients’ nonprofit. Tis the season for giving, so their organizations should take advantage of the generosity and donations that are likely coming their way this season. In fact, charitable organizations usually see a 52% increase in their donations during the month of December. In addition to providing the most comprehensive and customized Nonprofit Insurance Program, share the following advice with them to maximize their earning potential this holiday season.

Emphasize gratitude.

Razoo’s Inspiring Generosity blogger Geoff Livingston states “People seem to forget that one of the primary celebrations of the holiday season is gratitude. Instead of trying to act like Don Draper, be sincere and publicly thank your supporters for how they have helped your cause this year.”

Simplicity is best.

Make the “donate” button front and center on your website. The easier it is for people to contribute, the more likely they are to do so.

Make it festive.

Hosting functions in the name of the holidays can put your donors in the holiday spirit. Host bake sales, raffles, and celebrations to honor your mission and encourage your community to give and participate.

Focus on urgency.

Rather than keeping the donation window open indefinitely, establish a beginning and end date to foster a sense of urgency. Razoo Foundation states that this doesn’t mean you cannot accept donations once the date has passed, but deadlines help keep people motivated to meet personal giving goals.

Notify donors of tax benefits.

This can increase a potential donor’s motivation to give. Notify them of the tax benefits he or she can receive, especially with tax season around the corner, to encourage their donation.


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