Holiday Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofits

The holiday season comes up fast every year and with so many of them to cover, your nonprofit needs to be stacked with ideas of ways to celebrate them. The holidays are perfect times for organizations to raise money because people are often feeling more generous during this time, according to Fundly. It doesn’t just have to be the year-end holidays: anything from the Fourth of July to the Summer Solstice can be a great opportunity for some extra fundraising. If you’re looking for some holiday fundraising ideas for nonprofits, check out our list below.

Holiday Gala

This idea works really well to draw in a good crowd. While this can be done at any time, it’s probably the most popular around the winter season. Offer food and entertainment for a nominal fee, and then that fee can be donated to whatever proceeds needed. It’s a glamorous and entertaining way to put on a huge donating-driven, year-end event for your nonprofit, according to Firespring. Broadcast the event as fancy attire only, and offer photos for the event for a small donation. It’s a great way to host an indoors event, making sure that your guests are warm. You can also create a theme for your gala, such as a Hawaiian Luau or 80s. Whatever you decide, it’ll make the event that much more memorable.

Charity Auction

Host a live auction to celebrate the holidays and ultimately raise some cash. You can also host an online auction, on top of a live one, which will boost awareness and engagement during the holiday season. Pick out some awesome prizes or create gift baskets that will draw people to bid on them. You could even do a raffle and raffle off a service that your nonprofit offers. For example, a Hawaiian travel agency could offer a comped flight to the big island and a couple nights’ stay/

Silent Auction

The same concept as a charity auction, except this one is silent. It’s perfect for those individuals who aren’t so loud but still want to be a part of an auction. You don’t have to be a rowdy one to take part in this one.

Selling Candles

Everyone loves candles! What’s better than getting a candle as a gift during the holiday season? They are easy to sell and they are easy to share across social media. Get your nonprofit members to sell candles to the community and to people that they know. Then the proceeds can go towards whatever the nonprofit needs.

If your nonprofit is feeling like extending support to the community, then host events during the holidays. The compassion that goes into events is unparalleled. Donors might be feeling more friendly and supportive during this time and could make some charitable donations. It’s the best time to give back to the community.

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