A Guide to Nonprofit Social Media Strategy

Any industry can benefit from having an effective social media strategy, and the nonprofit sector is no exception. As many nonprofits don’t necessarily “get” social media, there are some considerations to ponder before setting out to create an effective campaign. Aside from the typical law abiding rules for privacy and professionalism, share these tips with your clients to create a sound social media strategy for their organization. More importantly, however, is ensuring they are protected with Nonprofit General Liability Insurance to protect their online operations.

Create visual stories.

Don’t underestimate the power of a good visual story. Take pictures and post them on social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and follow up- with a detailed description about what’s going on. For example, announce a new event via social media, then proceed to remind followers, then take pictures of the event, then let them know about the outcome. Remember, 93 percent of communication is nonverbal, so rather than share text and links to articles, visual aids should be used to the nonprofit’s benefit.

Be consistent.

Katherine Salt, Social Media Consultant at Marketing My, states “I would say consistency is so important. I often see non-profits only when they have an event or a campaign they want you to be involved with. I think they could increase awareness and response if they worked on building the relationship throughout the year.” Don’t be shy about reaching out to followers and engaging year-round!

Be social on social media.

Rather than simply broadcast messages, don’t forget to engage with followers. Ask questions, start conversations, reply to inquiries, etc. Actually connecting with others on social media is the purpose of these sites, so really embrace that.

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