Domenick & Associates Specialty Insurance Programs Offering Temporary Major Medical Insurance

Foreign nationals and their families traveling abroad need protection to ensure that their healthcare needs are covered while in another country. You want to make sure you have insurance to step in for medical emergencies in the event you or a family member becomes ill or has an accident. You will have peace of mind knowing that unexpected medical expenses will be covered.

Domenick & Associates provides foreign nationals with international major medical plans designed to provide coverage for medical expenses while they are living in or visiting the United States. We offer products that can be tailored to the needs of you and your family.

Major Medical Coverage for Foreign Nationals

If you are living or visiting the United States and do not have access to healthcare, we have International Major Medical Plans to help. This plan covers you for hospital stays and treatments, surgeon and consultation fee’s, hospital accomodation, cancer treatment and much more. There are specific limits for each coverage and other specifications that we will be happy to review with you in detail.

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