Domenick & Associates Specialty Insurance Programs Offering Ancillary Group Benefits

Other than annual compensation, a company’s benefit package is typically the most important piece in attracting world-class employees. This means going beyond providing Health benefits and offering other key product lines for your employees who are ready to contribute.

The Financial Services division at Domenick & Associates can provide you with the expertise and guidance to determine what plans to make available so that you and your employees get the most benefit from them. Access to over 65 different insurance companies enables us to provide our clients with a non-biased view of the different products offered and secure the right portfolio of benefit plans for businesses and their employees.

Group Life Insurance

Group Life insurance offers added financial confidence to your employees and reflects on the company’s commitment in helping employees to protect the people they care most about. The most common available coverage under a Group plan is Term Life insurance, which can be offered in a number of ways: employer-paid, employee-paid (voluntary), or a combination of the two (contributory). Term Life insurance protects your employees as long as they’re working for you. In the event that they pass away, their dependents will receive a tax-advantaged lump sum of money to use for rent, mortgage, college tuition, and health insurance, among other things.

Group Disability Insurance

Group Disability plans are designed to provide a disabled employee with up to 70% of pre-disability income (up to a specified maximum). Coverage is available for both short- and long-term disabilities and often without medical evidence of insurability. Group Disability insurance not only helps attract and retain quality employees but it’s also tax deductible to the business.

Group Dental Insurance

We offer flexible employer- and employee-paid Group Dental plans that balance affordability and quality care for your employees. Quality coverage is available for preventive, basic and major dental services.