Essential Volunteer Handbook Components

Volunteers are the backbone of any successful nonprofit organization. Without their passion for the cause and their tireless efforts, the nonprofit would cease to exist altogether. In order to manage these individuals, a volunteer handbook should be provided. This is a great way to establish expectations, provide consistency for all volunteers, relay critical information, and answer frequently asked questions. In addition to carrying a comprehensive Nonprofit Liability Insurance Program, these three critical components can keep your clients out of lawsuits and mitigate risk tenfold.

Welcome letter.

Set the tone for the organization with a brief welcome letter. Thank the volunteers for their time and energy that they invest into the nonprofit and showcase how their hard work pays off. Highlight the mission and the roles that these volunteers will play. Remember to keep it simple, avoid using jargon that many people wouldn’t understand, and promote a healthy and positive work environment.

Organization information.

Explain what the nonprofit stands for, its values and goals, and why it was started in the first place. This portion of the handbook should also explain the goals of the nonprofit and how those intend to be executed over time. Demonstrate how the employees will contribute to this mission to give them a sense of pride and ownership in the nonprofit.

Policies and procedures.

No handbook would be complete without listing all the nonprofit’s policies and procedures. These specifications include, but are not limited to, policies that manage dress code, violence protocols, code of conduct, alcohol and tobacco policies, confidentiality, and reporting strategies says USO Volunteer. It’s also wise to incorporate rules on social media sharing, handling confidential information, conflict resolution strategies, and photo sharing.

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