Effective Volunteer Recruitment Strategies for Nonprofits

Volunteering is the most important part of running a nonprofit organization. About 62.6 million people volunteered for an organization at least one time between September 2014 and September 2015, according to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. While that seems like a pretty high number of volunteers, it’s actually down from previous years by about .4 percent.

Why has the number decreased? One big reason why people don’t volunteer for nonprofits is that they are never asked to volunteer in the first place, according to the Points of Light Corporate Institute. By encouraging non-volunteers to get involved, you’re providing a bigger impact with your organization. Check out this list of effective volunteer recruitment strategies for nonprofits to help your organization grow.

Encourage Sponsors to Get Involved

One way to gain volunteers is by asking the people who are already involved with it, advises Top Nonprofits. Going internal is the easiest way to gain numbers successfully. That means asking sponsors, donors, or other members to get their hands a little dirty. Any supporter that you may have, even if it’s a fan on Facebook, may want to help out your organization. All you have to do to get the ball rolling is ask.

Offer Incentives for Involvement

Another way to get volunteers is by offering incentives for involvement. For example, if you host a volunteer open house, create some door prizes in order to make the event more fun and professional. You can also hold a brown bag lunch session where employees can come during their break time to learn about possible volunteer opportunities. If you offer training, more people might want to get involved with your organization as well. One thing that throws people off is fear. Make sure they are not scared! The more comfortable a person can be while working, the better.

Create a Volunteer Registration Form

Having a strategy to help you through the tough times is one of the best things you can possibly do when running a nonprofit. One thing that you can do for your organization is make a volunteer registration form to give to prospective volunteers. This way you can get to know your volunteers a little better. Don’t be afraid of asking questions! Making sure your list is thorough helps weed through volunteers, helping you find the quality people who are prone to sticking around. As a bonus, you’ll have everything down in writing, making it easier for your organization to find the information it needs.


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