Cyber Security: Three Evolving Trends

As cyber security remains a concern for large enterprises and small entities alike, more people are becoming concerned about the growing threat. As predicted, experts saw the combination of lax business owners and cyber-attackers’ growing sophistication as a lethal one. Therefore, 2016 was the worst year yet for cyber breaches. As new innovations are being developed and people are becoming more aware of their personal risks, cyber security trends are emerging in 2017. As we explore what trends are evolving in the year of prevention, ensure your clients equip their firms with a comprehensive Cyber Liability Insurance program.

Data privacy.

Many people store their credit card and personal information on their favorite websites. The idea of storing personally identifiable information is becoming more disheartening as marketing strategies such as data mining and even cyber breaches can be a result of this.

Small Business Trends states that network protections and user-disguise technology are on the rise, allowing consumers to limit their cyber fingerprints.

Personal autonomy.

As more individuals are learning about their personal cyber-attack risk, they are becoming increasingly wary of big-name service providers protecting their networks. As your clients might have realized, more of their customers are leaning toward personal autonomy when it comes to cyber security. Innovative new technology has become available that allows consumers to store their information on a personal cloud device.

Information security.

The growing need for protecting both personal and business data has sparked new developments to meet the demand. Not surprisingly, experts expect that 2017 will be the year of prevention and businesses will see a huge shift to cyber security prevention measures, including the right insurance.



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