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In our last blog, we examined how basic ergonomics can improve overall health and minimize the risk for Workers’ Compensation claims. Sitting and standing for extended periods of time can cause muscles to strain and fatigue, leading to long-term injury claims. We’re going to provide 5 simple strategies your clients and their employees can implement to improve their ergonomics and reduce the threat of injury over time.

Make your computer eye level.

Elevating laptops and computers to eye level can prevent the neck from straining due to constantly looking down at the screen. Simple solutions, such as lifts and stands can do the trick for minimal costs. If your clients work from home, ensure they keep their laptops at eye level, as well.

Invest in a quality mouse and keyboard.

Modern mouse and keyboards are designed with functionality and comfort in mind. They cost a bit more, but injuries can be avoided altogether with the right support from these tools that are used every day all day.

Align the body correctly.

Basic sitting setup involves keeping your elbows bent near 90 degrees, keeping a mouse comfortably within reach of a keyboard, avoiding slouching, and keeping a monitor at eye level, between 18-28 inches from your face, explains Life Hacker.

Use digital reminders.

Using applications to remind your clients to take a break from the computer might just be the simple feature they need. This will give their body times to readjust and allow their eyes to focus on something other than a screen for a few moments.

Protect the eyes.

Reader’s Digest suggests easy eye fixes, like keeping your monitor slightly below eye level to bring less glare into your retinas. And simply using a darker desktop theme is often a nice first step toward reducing the amount of time you feel like you’re staring into a flashlight with words written on it.

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