Ballet Recital Preparedness: Covering the Bases

Ballet Recital Preparedness: Covering the BasesA recital requires a lot of planning and preparation in order to go off without a hitch. As your clients are probably aware, there is always room for error and mistakes, which is why they need to carry the comprehensive Artsurance Program to secure their operation while their event takes place. Furthermore, share the following tips with your clients to ensure their ballet recital is flawless and stress-free.

Plan ahead.

Rather than wait until the day of, dance instructors should follow-up with their dancers about any questions they may have including where it is being held, costumes, make-up guidelines, dress rehearsals, and more. The day of the recital is often chaotic and the small details can slip through the cracks if they aren’t discussed ahead of time.

Get the costumes ready.

Dance instructors should advise their dancers to prepare their costumes and relative accessories before the show. Organize accordingly and ensure each dancer has their correct pieces together before the show begins.

Make a list.

According to WikiHow, make sure you don’t forget anything, like dance shoes, extra hair nets, bobby pins, a brush, hairspray, gel, or the correct undergarments. And do not forget to bring a sewing kit, safety pins, and some clear nail polish to put on teeny holes in your tights, so they don’t stretch any further. If need be, make a list of everything you need and run through it a few times before you leave.

Mind the small things.

When preparing to go on stage, don’t eat or drink anything that could stain clothing or teeth. Furthermore, dance instructors should advise their dancers to remain quiet, listen for their turn, and be respectful of others on the stage. Remember, the audience can hear background noise!

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