5 Strategies for Nonprofit Online Fundraising Success

From understanding budgeting basics and cash flow projections to identifying successful ways to implement online fundraisers to support their cause, nonprofit directors have a lot of obligations to uphold. In addition to protecting their operation with a Nonprofit Liability Insurance program, share the following useful advice with your clients to make the most of their online donation program.

Take it mobile.

Online fundraising accounts for the majority of fundraising dollars in today’s digital economy. Nonprofits can ensure their websites allow easy contributions, as well as creating mobile friendly versions that are easy to navigate to raise more money.

Grab their attention.

There is a small window of opportunity to grab someone’s attention before they click off the page. Nonprofits should focus their call-to-action efforts towards donation. Here are some suggestions to implement:

  • Include high-quality images that support the cause.
  • Let donors know how their money will be used.
  • Make the “Donate” button stand out.
  • Make it easy to contribute.

Brand the site.

People are more likely to contribute to a brand they know and trust. However, it takes hard work, strategic thinking, time and persistence- and not to mention, money. But, doing this helps potential donors feel secure and understand that they are in the right place. A branded page builds trust, confidence and increases the likely hood that a person visiting your donation form will complete their transaction, explains NP Engage.

Make it simple.

When it comes to online fundraising, there is always going to be a lot happening on the website. However, the donation page should be as simple as possible. Remover banners, ads, and search tools to focus on the purpose of the page- giving. This also means only requesting necessary information from the donor, keep the form short and sweet.

Give the option for recurring donations.

Make the most out of donations by giving the option to contribute monthly. This recurring payment can be automatically deducted from the donor’s account with ease, giving the organization more income to work with.

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