4 Tips for Foolproof Nonprofit Donor Retention: Relating to Donors

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In our previous blog, we discussed some of the best ways for nonprofits to improve their donor retention strategies. One of the most important elements of this strategy is to relate to the donors. Taking a human approach shows that the nonprofit values its contributors and strives to keep that relationship intact. In this blog, we’ll explore some crucial tips for your clients to implement in order to nurture the relationship. Most importantly, ensure your clients are protected with a Nonprofit Insurance Program.

Say thank you.

This is obvious, yet overlooked. Establishing a process to thank donors for their contributions is something that will make all the difference when building rapport with them. It doesn’t have to be extensive, just make sure it’s personal. Address them by name, thank them for their donation, explain how their money will be used, and never request another monetary gift.

Showing the donor that they are more than a dollar sign is all your clients need to get the ball rolling. As we mentioned before, holidays are the time of giving. So, remind them to make a good first impression. It’s also a wise idea to thank new donors for joining the cause upon signing up for emails or newsletters.

Value service.

Customer service guidelines apply to donors, as well. Ensure that each person is treated with respect and appreciation. Experts recommend posing as a donor for a competitor and evaluating how they are treated. If your clients offer better service than someone else, donors are more likely to give their money to them instead.

Measure performance.

Measure fundraising performance fully. Beyond the crude terms of funds raised in the short term, look at the ratio of regular donors to one-time donors, number of former donors reactivated, attrition and the like. Next, manage external suppliers. Suppliers work best when they are motivated by the cause and it falls on leadership to provide guidance, education and training, states The Nonprofit Times.

Value staff.

This is another feature that should go without saying, but your clients should really value and show appreciation for their employees. Happy employees make happy fundraisers. The happier the employee, the more likely they are to stand behind the cause and rally for the organization. Finally, promote a positive and collaborative work environment. The less stress the job causes on a daily basis, the more likely the employee is to stay with the nonprofit.

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