4 Tips for Fool Proof Nonprofit Donor Retention

Nonprofits rely on the generous donations from donors and governmental programs and agencies. Without building and retaining these relationships, the organization can fail to meet demands and provide the services their communities need. To ensure your client’s donors continue to work with them and contribute to their financial goals, we’re providing four donor retention tips. In addition to providing the most comprehensive and customized Nonprofit Insurance Program, share the following advice with your clients.

Take a human approach.

Yes, donors are giving money, but that doesn’t mean they should be treated like banks. Get to know the donors on a human level and find out who they are, what they do, and why they chose the organization in the first place. According to Nonprofit Hub, ask them the following questions:

  • How do they prefer to communicate with your organization?
  • Why did they choose to support your cause?
  • What goals do they have in mind for your organization?
  • What is their ideal level of involvement?
  • How long have they been connected with your cause?

Show gratitude.

The first step is finding a donor who is interested in the organization and its mission. Next is to have them donate and continue to donate. No matter how small their donation is, a thank you is always a must. They want to know their money is being put to good use and that the nonprofit values their contribution. Take it a step further by showcasing how donor’s money has impacted the organization and how far they’ve come. Pictures, videos and events coverage are great ways to show gratitude.


Engage with donors by hosting events and asking for feedback. What did they enjoy? What could have been improved? What can be changed next time? Be sure to put the focus on them as they are the ones the organization is celebrating.

Follow through.

Retention strategies are only successful when they are endured throughout the year. One event and a thank you doesn’t mean the donor will continue to give. Instead, it’s how the nonprofit manages the relationship in the following weeks, months and years. Holidays are the time of giving, so now is the ideal time frame to promote donations and rebuild that connection with existing and potential donors.

Nurturing relationships doesn’t have to be complicated, they just require endurance. Share this information with your nonprofit clients to ensure they continue to build longstanding donor retention strategies and acquire funding throughout the year.

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